Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. (1 Peter 4:10)

We are called by God to use some part of our time and talent to serve others. Are you thinking about putting your faith into action just a little bit more than you are presently doing? You know there’s more than enough need in the world, and you could make a difference with your faith just about anywhere, near or far.  At Trinity Lutheran Church, the Faith In Action Committee organizes some service opportunities throughout the year but you can volunteer on your own, too.

Trinity Lutheran Church joins with many benevolence partners and organizations to fulfill its mission of transforming lives. The list below represents just some of the partners with which we have worked. Their web sites or other contact information are shown so that you may learn more about what they do, who they serve, and how you can help. A selection of our Mission Possible recipients are included as well. There’s a lot of wonderful information in these sites. You will see something that will help you take another step of faith – to do works.

ELCA World Hunger
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Good News Partners
Hillside Church Food Pantry
Housing Options for Women
Lutheran Campus Ministry at Northwestern University 
Lutheran Disaster Response
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
Lutheran World Relief
Meals At Home
Niles Township Food Pantry
Prisoner & Family Ministry
Youth Organizations Umbrella


Interested in sponsoring collections of food, books or other more personal items for a specific purpose?  The Faith In Action Committee members believe these guidelines will help to encourage donations and present the collection efforts to the congregation in a pleasing and efficient manner. Proposals for in-kind collections may be brought to the Faith In Action Committee for assistance in making them successful.

Guidelines for In-Kind Collections

Trinity Lutheran Church’s Faith In Action Committee recommends the following guidelines for items collected by members and groups within Trinity Lutheran Church for use by community organizations.

  • In-kind collections are a way for Trinity to minister to others in need with our “First Fruits” and are not intended to be a way to recycle old or unwanted items or to raise money through resale (except in the case of donations to Lucille, Holy Family Ministry’s resale shop).
  • Collections should be viewed as another way to increase the congregation’s awareness of an organization and its mission.
  • Items should be collected for use by an organization’s beneficiaries and not simply as a recycling activity.
  • Collections should be for a specified period of time (a day or a month) and not run continuously (except for Elijah’s Pantry for which we collect food year-round).
  • Collections should be accompanied by sufficient publicity in the newsletter and service folder as well as posters, temple talks and labeled collection containers.
  • Collections should focus on existing Trinity benevolence organizations such as Holy Family Ministries, Interfaith Action, Elijah’s Pantry, and Habitat for Humanity and not just associated with an individual’s personal outside interests.
  • Collections should be coordinated in time with other Trinity activities such as Mission Possible, Soup Kitchens and hunger walks.


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