A Word about Automated Giving

Since many of our members take care of most their financial obligations through online bill payment systems, we are now making automated giving options available for your contributions to Trinity. You will be able to make both one-time and recurring contributions to Trinity directly out of your bank account or through your credit card. Trinity’s leadership is pleased to offer our financial supporters fast and secure options to contribute to our mission and ministry.

That said, perhaps the simplest way to give “automatically” is to work with your own bank or financial institution using the automatic “bill pay” feature available on most accounts. Once you have added Trinity to the list of those whom you pay with this feature, your contribution will be sent automatically from your account to Trinity in the amount and with the frequency you designate…usually at no cost to you. Your banker will be happy to work with you should you desire to pursue this option.

For those of you who wish to set up online/automated giving through one of the options we have arranged, rather than doing so on your own, please take a moment to read through our Frequently Asked Questions section below for important details.

To give via check or credit card, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does online giving work?

Once you complete the Stewardship Pledge form, you will be given the option to pursue online giving. If you choose to do so, you will be redirected to our Online Donation page.  From there, you can follow the prompts in order to set up your donations as you desire.

  1. What are my giving options?

This year we are offering the option to contribute by credit card as well as the option to do so automatically through your bank account. Please be aware that credit card contributions carry with them transaction fees (2.75% for most cards and 3.5% for AMEX) that will effectively reduce your contribution to Trinity by the amount of the fee. Of course, you can always choose to increase your gift slightly, if you desire to offset the fee. As noted above, the most efficient way to do automated giving is through your bank’s bill-pay system.

  1. Can I direct my contributions?

As with our envelope system, you can give to the General Fund at any time. On occasion there will be opportunities for special gifts such as Mission Possible or a special outreach opportunity. You can use the automated system in any of these circumstances.

  1. Is there a minimum amount I must give?

No, any amount is acceptable.

  1. Is there a charge for giving online?

There is a very small one-time fee that the church pays when you first set up your online giving profile (50 cents) and an even smaller fee for each transaction (25 cents). As noted in the response to #2 above, there will be an additional fee levied as a percentage of your gift for credit card transactions.

  1. How are the confidentiality of my giving and the security of my information maintained?

Your banking and giving information will be stored on secure computers that meet all federal data encryption guidelines. The level of confidentiality of your gift at Trinity will be the same as when you place your offering in the plate.

  1. What if I want to change the amount of my recurring contribution?

Your contribution level is entirely under your control.  You may change the amount at any time.

  1. Will I still receive contribution statements from the church?

Yes, you will continue to receive contribution statements that will include online gifts.