Vacation Bible Camp is an intergenerational event that occurs annually at Trinity Lutheran Church in Evanston, Illinois.  For a week in the summer, we meet each evening to explore the great gifts God has given us! Each evening, kids begin by meeting with their group and they spend some time getting to know one another and learning a bit about the theme for the evening. From there the adventure begins as they hear storytellers, participate in various activities — make bread at the bakery, throw pots at the potters wheel, tag along with a carpenter… add a game or two along the way… and end the evening with a drama and an Agape feast where participants serve one another the bread that was made for the evening!

Meeting schedule:  Typically a week in June

Vacation Bible Camp Registration - 2016

Join us June 20-23, 6-8pm, and Sunday, June 28th at 9:30am for a great week of faith, fun, and crafts. All are welcome. $20/child - please pay at the door. (Family max - $30)
  • Please list any allergies or helpful hints about your child(ren). Also, please indicate how you heard of VBC... or if you would like to request for your child to be in the same group as another camper.
    I allow you to take pictures of my child(ren) and post them in the Trinity Friend newsletter and on the website anonymously.
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