We are beginning to re-commit to caring for this creation God has entrusted to us.  We are assessing our footprint and working on ways that we can do better and unrolling new initiatives.

Currently, we are working on initiatives to compost,  recycle and to minimize our disposables.

We are working with Collective Resource (collectiveresource.us) to compost.  Collective Resource does commercial composting so they accept a much broader span of items to compost (see pdf link at the bottom of this page).

We are starting a pilot program that we’ll open to 5-10 participants.  Trinity will serve as a drop off site, partnering with Collective Resource.  If you have further questions, please contact Lauren directly.  We will start our first group December 1st, sign up and Lauren will be in touch with you.   After this trial, we’ll consider opening the program further.

Compost through Trinity!

Do you want to Compost in your own home? We are starting a brand new test program at Trinity where we will be a drop off site for Collective Resource. What does that mean?
 Sign up through Trinity to compost. The fee is $350 + a one time $10 fee for the bucket. This includes a weekly bucket/lid for composting & contributes towards the Creation Care ministry at Trinity. This fee can be paid annually or bi-annually. Pick up an empty bucket from Trinity. Each week, Collective Resource picks up from Trinity on Mondays (holiday schedules may vary). You’re welcome to drop off your full bucket and leave it in the designated area in the back of the church. Pick up an empty bucket from the hallway in back (location may change), and repeat. What can I compost? Collective Resource does Commercial Composting so the list of things you can compost is more inclusive: all food waste (bones, meats, dairy… and more)
    Payment should be made via check to Trinity Lutheran Church. Please put Compost in the Memo.



compost at church