This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Church.  We will celebrate at worship on Oct. 29th and it’s Bible Sunday.

At Trinity, we give Bibles to 2 year olds and 2nd graders (and new folks, too!) because we believe that the Bible should be available to ALL of God’s children, and we like to provide and age appropriate Bible.  We give the Spark Story Bible to our youngest group, and the Spark NRSV Bible to our 2nd graders.  Our 6th graders have already received the Lutheran Study Bible as part of their Confirmation studies.

Also, join Pastor Brown at adult education (10:ooam), for Reading Through the Bible Together This Year.

“For some years now, I have read through the Bible twice every year. If you picture the Bible to be a mighty tree and every word a little branch, I have shaken every one of these branches because I wanted to know what it was and what it meant.”  – Martin Luther (LW 54:165).

One of the great gifts of the Lutheran reformation was the movement to wrest control of the Bible from the hands of clergy and academics, and make it accessible to all people.  On this 500th anniversary of the Reformation, We invite you to join in an effort “shake all of the branches of scripture”, to see what treasures of faith, hope and knowledge you might find!   We’ll begin with a session on Reformation Sunday during our education hour that will focus on how to read scripture for greatest understanding and inspiration and to set a schedule for our reading.  One thing is certain: Your reading is going to generate concerns and question.  For that reason, we’ll meet several times through the year to provide the opportunity to discuss what we’ve read, and to have conversation around questions these readings have raised for you.  Join us on this journey through the Scriptures – an effort that is sure to deepen your faith!