Dear Trinity Friends,

When the Trinity Church Council meets to do the things that keep the
church running, we often become near-sighted. It is so easy to focus on the light bill or the next
stewardship program that we lose sight of what makes Trinity tick for those of us that attend.
We can lose sight of our ESSENCE. We know that Trinity is experiencing the reality that
resources are not as plentiful as they once were. As the Council looks ahead and tries to
produce a sustainable budget, we want to make sure that we are putting our dollars where our
mission priorities are.

The Council wants to discover and understand what is IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL for the
members of our congregation. We have devised 10 QUESTIONS to check in with all of you and
give you the opportunity to share what is IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL to you. We want to
focus on WHAT IS really WORKING and WHAT MATTERS MOST for you at Trinity. We want to
get a sense of where the ENERGY is at Trinity and in your lives.

We include the questions with this letter as well as a link to them on Trinity’s web site.
Copies will also available on the SEE SIGN AND SERVE TABLE, should you wish to respond with
pen and paper. We would really appreciate your thoughtful responses. If you want to skip a
question, that is OK. If you have something you think we should know and have not asked,
there is space for that as well.

What will happen next? We will look carefully at all the responses and try to recognize any
themes or patterns that may be present or that may prompt some additional inquiry. We will
try to discern any SHARED IMAGES of a preferred FUTURE. We will also explore innovative ways
that we may create that future. Our hope is that this process may give both present and future
leadership some insight into the POSITIVE ENERGY in the congregation and some ideas of ways
to build on this energy. This effort is an alternative planning process and is rooted in the work
of David Cooperrider; descriptions are available on the SEE SIGN AND SERVE Table.
Please accept our INVITATION to be an ACTIVE CREATOR in the life of Trinity Lutheran Church
by responding to the questions here  or on paper no later than 22 October.

Blessings and gratitude,
Peg Lee for the Church Council (with special thanks to Paul Lindman)


For more information on this process, see here: WhyTenQuestions?

For a sneak peak into the questions, see here: TrinityTopTen